Sunday, May 3, 2009


As many of you know my husband is a die-hard Marvel Comic book fan! Well really all comic books... Star Wars... Star Trek... all of them! He got Sophia a Spider-man onesie way back when I was just barely pregnant.... as I am sure he was hopeful of a boy... we got Sophia. So I got her a cute jean skirt to match it and of course a bow to match!
This was us out running some errands after church this morning... she was taking a serious nap, you can tell by her expression while sleeping!

Here we took a little photo shoot of her all dolled up in her Spider-man outfit... I wonder what Daddy will want his little princess to be for Halloween :)


Such a big girl now.... she holds her bottles all by herself!!

I hope everyone has a safe and healthy week.

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Brooke & Jathan said...

She's getting so big. It took Peyton forever for her to hold her bottle...she's really lazy about the bottle. She would prefer you to do it for her. The sippy on the other hand, that's all her. We need to get the girls together for a little playdate.