Friday, May 8, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday.... Living Room Edition

Its here again. Show Us Where You Live Friday.... Living Room Edition.

This is the small hall from the kitchen to the living room. I love my crosses here. I had a large collection when I was single. I split up the collection when we bought our house. The rest of them are in the spare bedroom.

This is the view into the living room from the kitchen. (We were watching LOST) You can also tell from the pictures that Sophia has taken over our living room. Pack in play straight and toy bag straight ahead and to the right, exersaucer and bouncy seat. Last week we put away the swing, it was Sophia's least favorite activity. I thought about putting up Sophia's baby stuff, but then figured that this is how we live everyday so I thought I would so that side of our lives.... it is not always clean... it is however well loved and lived in!

This is a bit closer of the large wall in our living room (the picture that is in my kitchen used to hang on this wall) I got the pictures at Garden Ridge and the shelves at Lowes.
I am still trying to figure out what all I want to put up on my shelves, but Zach loves his books, he has his own office full of books and comic book toys! ( I will have to include that in another post later) Any ideas of what else to add to my shelves are welcome.

View from the front door. You can kind of see more of Sophia's toys from here.There they are! I also love my fireplace screen, which is from Plow and Hearth, but I bought it on Amazon for a much cheaper price. I also love the quilt rack that I recieved for a gift, but I know you can also find them on Amazon.

Mantle with my bargain mirror that I purchased when I was single from Wal-mart for $30!!! Can you tell that I love family photos???

View of the living room from the office... which leads to our back yard. You can also see the sofa table behind the large couch that leads back to the bedrooms. The mirrors are from back when Zach was single, so yes, we did keep some of his stuff when we got married. Plus our fabulous couches were his... you sit down and sink in to them... and all you want to do is nap! We love them.Sofa table, with more family and friends! Plus my digital photo frame that I got from Zach and my mom this year for my birthday. I love that too... it holds so many photos!

One of the end tables (wanted to show you one of the other crosses)... and the baby monitor... man her stuff is everywhere!!!

Lastly the bar that is behind the love seat. It is again filled with family and friends. I also collect Willow Tree Angels. I don't know if you can see them that well in this photo, but I love them.

Well there it all is... the living room. I hope you enjoyed the pictures! See you next week!



Christy said...

Love your room! The baby stuff is great! I have it every where too.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing your home Jesse! All is cute! stuff is everywhere until they hit about 5 years old...then you can start hiding it lol. :-) Yomaida