Friday, May 1, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday... Kitchen Edition

I am an avid reader of our friend Chris's sister's blog, Kelly, and she started a Show Us Where You Live Fridays (or weekends) this week and this week we started showing off our kitchens.

My kitchen is probably my favorite room, let alone my most put together room of my house. Excuse our mess, but enjoy the pics and tour!

When we moved in 2 years ago, the kitchen was wallpapered and that had to go. We textured the walls and painted them red. It was a long process, but very much worth it.... I love it!
This is where we occasionally eat. Sophia now eats here everyday for her evening cereal! She loves her high chair. You can also see our window seat, where usually all of Sophia's things are, but I moved them for the picture. Also I got the pictures on the wall from my mom several, several years ago and I finally put them up this past summer and I love those too. The hutch behind the table is where Zach keeps his "junk." Don't worry I have a place for mine too!
This is my beautiful red wall, with my clock that I love, but I need to put new batteries in so that you can actually tell the time.

I finally got some nick-nacks recently to go above our cabinets. The picture I purchased a long time ago, when I was still single, and it used to hang in our living room, but I had decided it went much nicer in my kitchen, and I love that too! I got the other vases at Garden Ridge, which is great place to get great deals for decorating.
Ahh, here you can see my pile of "junk" on this counter, next to the most used item in the kitchen, the coffee maker, one of Zach's favorite wedding gifts! You can also see on the far side my bottle dryer rack... again very useful and now part of my decor!

The window nook above the sink, with my plant that I have surprisingly not killed yet. I got it in the hospital when I had Sophia, I hope I can keep it alive. Also you might notice the super old armadillo, I purchased it for my grandmother when I was a child, and kept it after she passed away. I always think of her every morning when I see it!

My one super organized cabinet. Can you guess who it belongs to? Yes, of course Little Miss Sophia. All things that have to do with Sophia are organized and clean! I try to keep as much of the kitchen as clean as possible, but with a new little one, I would much rather spend my time with her than cleaning as I sure that most of you understand.

And of course I had to post a picture of Sophia. She was leaving with Grandma Charlie so that Mommy and Daddy could have a date night... dinner and a movie. Wolverine... it was a bit disappointing. I know weird of me to say, but being married to a man who loves comic books, you also grow to love and enjoy them, and this one could have been better in my book. Enjoy. I am looking forward to touring everyone's kitchens to get some ideas for mine.


-stephanie- said...

Your picture does look great against the red wall. Very nice room.

Cute cute baby too.

Anonymous said...

I just got caught up on on your postings. 4 Months! Wow....

So prayers are being said for Little Noah. So sad.

Your kitchen is cute. I love red. Cute idea! :-)

I feel like I never see you at school. Happy all is well.

Sophia is too cute! ~ Yomaida

Jessica said...

Love the red!

Kelly said...

Sophia is precious!!! I'm glad to see a friend of Chris and Carrie's!!!
Your kitchen is super cute and I love the Sophia has her own cabinet! ha~!