Saturday, August 15, 2009

Busy Busy Busy!!

This past week was our last week of summer and being home with my little angel. Thursday we went to Roxie and Jeremy's to swim, Friday we went shopping with Grandma and dinner at Jeremy and Roxie's to see Pooh Bear, and today we went to my cousin's to go swimming and grill out. We had a lot of fun. I am having mixed emotions with going to back to work on Monday. Sad to be leaving my little girl and not being with her all day long, but happy to get back into routines again. I do have some piece of mind knowing that Cathey will be keeping Sophia this year for us. We are truly blessed to not have to put S in day care and that she is so loved there with Cathey and her family. Here are some photos for of the past couple of days.

Playing with Daddy... yes the toy she is holding is a water bottle!

Swim time!!

Kendall, Harrison, Sophia and Me
Harrison and Sophia were totally intrigued by each other

Amber and Reagan

Harrison and Sophia playing with each other

Me and S

Pooh Bear and Presley

Harrison and his Mommy swimming

She loved standing on the steps

Kendall and Harrison

Cash, Harrison and Kendall

Presley chillin' in her pack n play!

She's going to be musical!!

Snack time at the pool today... munchin' on some carrots!!

Yum Yum

Talkin' with Uncle Craig!

Dinner time!

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