Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Catch Up

So its been awhile, I know you have been missing us!! School started, so that has been taking up my days, and posting has been last on the list. S has been going back to stay with Ms. Cathey during the day. She is so wonderful. Just last week she asked me "Does Sophia have a Mammaw?" I said "No she doesn't!" She then asked me, "Can Sophia call me Mammaw? I love her and she is like a grand baby to me." We thought it was the sweetest thing! So now Ms. Cathey will be Mammaw.
She did really well last week back with Cathey, Mammaw. We are so blessed that such a wonderful woman is taking care of our baby.
On another note today was a hard morning for me and S, as I dropped her off this morning she held tightly to my clothes and just cried, I wish that I could have just said nevermind, I will just take her home, but work is a must right now (with hopes that with the next baby I might be able to stay home... HIGH HOPES) I finally just had to peel her off of me and give her to Mammaw and walk out the door. I could hear her crying outside. It was HORRIBLE... as a mom all you want to do is make everything you can OK for your baby. I got in the car, cried and called Zach. I know everyone says it happens to them too, but it was so incredibly hard for me. The thing that gets me through is knowing how loved she is.
And I am loving my students at school, I am working with 1st and 2nd graders this year and I am looking forward to a great year. And at least tomorrow is Wednesday and we have Megan's wedding to look forward to this weekend!!!

Also here is a pic of Sophia's new favorite toy!!

and yes that is a water bottle!!

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The Saras Family said...

hudson loved empty water bottles when he was that age. i think it's the noise it makes when they squeeze them.