Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hangin with Jordie Man

The past two days my mom and Larry have been watching my cousin Jordan. He will be 8 in about a week and half, starting the third grade, and was such a big help with Sophia! He is so big and grown up! On Tuesday we went to lunch with my mom, Jordan, Zach, S and my friend Lindsey. After lunch my mom and Jordan watched S while Zach and I ran a few errands. Afterwards we headed back to my mom's to have dinner and my cousin Shawn, his fiance Amy, and her little girl Emma came over to eat and play and to meet Sophia. It was really nice watching the big kids play with S. She was very interested in them.
Today Zach and Jordan went to the movies while S and I went to lunch with my friends Julie and Embree. Then Jordan got to come back to the house to hang out and play some more with S. He just loves her so much and is such a good big cousin!

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