Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Meeting Parker

Friday night Zach, Sophia and I went over to his friend Chris's house to meet their new little girl Parker Juliette! She was a precious little girl. It seems like everyone is having little girls, at least all of Zach's buddies. Who knows maybe there will be some little boys to come, in the near future!
After the babies went to bed, the big boys played some rock band, their favorite past time, when they get to play it. Here are some photos from the night!

S and I before bedtime!

We toasted to Chris and Valerie and their new addition in sippee cups, we just had to get a picture of this!

The boys jamming out with Rock Band!

Chris... I think he was totally into Rock Band!

Zach playing on the guitar!

Zach and Jason

Me and Melissa

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