Tuesday, February 16, 2010

14 Months



Today my sweet little angel is 14 months old!  You are becoming quite the little entertainer and you are starting to talk more and more!

Sophia at 14 months you:

  • are wearing 6M, 9M, and 12M onesies
  • 12M and 12-18M clothes
  • size 3 diapers
  • have 12 teeth, yes your last molar has finally started making its way through


  • still sleep from 7 pm to 6 am
  • take 2 naps at daycare, but refuse to nap on the weekends with Mommy and Daddy, we are lucky if we get one nap!!
  • have begun to want to play dress up with clothes, shoes, and scarfs (not interested in hats yet)
  • favorite toys are, Buggy (gloworm), Little People, Baby Stroller, PBK My First Chair, remote controls, and Maverick
  • love helping with the laundry, dishes, feeding Maverick, and cleaning up (but only when we play while we do it together)


  • love meats, cheeses, pastas, broccoli, beans, pears, mandarin oranges, breads, Cheerios, Kix Berry, crackers, and you have a HUGE sweet tooth like Daddy and Grandpa!
  • drink all Organic Whole Milk, but only about 12-16 oz a day
  • drink Pear Juice, Apple Juice, Fruit Juice, Grape Juice and Orange Juice… which you prefer over milk
  • shake your head no, sign more, put your hands up when you don’t know something or want to know something
  • are working on shaking your head yes
  • you have a few more words: (and remember we are probably the only ones, besides grandparents that can make these words out)

Thank you

I love watching you grow and learn something new everyday.  I love watching your eyes light up when you discover everything in your path.  You are the light of my life and I love everyday and minute that I get to spend with you.  BUNCHES!

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LeeAnn 'Ellebracht' Clawson said...

Aww...I just love how you list the updates about her! She's such a doll! I had to come and get caught up on the latest posts. :o)