Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bath time with Uncle Matthew!!!

My brother and his girlfriend came in town today to celebrate our birthdays and our moms too.  My parents and Matthew and Audray came over for dinner.  It was super yummy, thanks mom and Matthew, Zach too.

Sophia was such a sweet girl tonight with both Grandpa and Uncle Matthew.  She usually will play from afar, but not tonight she wanted to be right in there with the boys.

After dinner, Matthew cleaned her up, well wiped her off, then asked her if she was ready for bath time…. and oh boy did she get excited.  I wish I would have captured a picture of the two of them walking away from dinner holding hands and headed to bath time fun!  It was soooo precious and I know he has been waiting 6 months for her to like him again and tonight it finally happened.  (At one point everyone was in the bathroom… me, Zach, Matthew, Audray, Grandpa, and Grandma and that bathroom is not that big) But these are the moments that I will remember and treasure for ever!

Here are some moments I captured. 

IMG_3219  IMG_3220


And then of course my brother being a character as always!


And yes those are his hot pink cowboy boots, but it is Larry’s jacket!

IMG_3228Grandma, S, and Uncle Matthew!

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