Thursday, December 16, 2010

24 Months….. 2 years old…. oh my!


Sophia you are soooo big…. your 2!



Sophia at 2 years old you:

  • wear 2T pull ups
  • wear 18-24 months clothes and some 2T
  • wear a size 6 shoe
  • still sleep through the night
  • love reading books
  • love your Mommy, you are a total Momma’s girl, but you still love Daddy very much too
  • are putting 4-5 words together at a time
  • have a very determined little personality
  • you know what you want when and  you want it when you want it
  • will finally let me start putting clips and bows in your hair
  • love, love, love Mickey and Minnie Mouse

You are so incredibly sweet and beautiful.  I have been given the greatest gift, YOU!!!

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