Friday, December 17, 2010

Crazy Christmas with the Brysons

So our dear friends Jeremy and Roxie and their little girl Presley came over to celebrate Christmas a bit early and boy did we have a crazy night.  Once they got here, we had ordered some pizza and just started to eat, when Presley became super duper fussy.  Nothing any of us did, she was just not a happy camper.  Roxie decided she would just go ahead and put her to bed.  With pjs on, and ready to snuggle up….. Presley then projectile vomits all over Roxie, Sophia, herself and the couch.  OMG…. it just got crazy… I’m cleaning off Sophia, Roxie is changing Presley to put in her the tub and both boys are trying to not throw up too….

Needless to say this went on in at least 3 cycles, until Jeremy and Roxie got it all together to take their sick little one home.  However, in between getting sick, Presley sure did enjoy some good ole play time!


Sophia was nice enough to let Presley go for spin in her new ride, and she even pushed her around the house!




Right after Sophia decided it was her turn to go for ride in her car!


Me and my sweet girl


Presley, right before she got sick for the 3rd time… then it was time to go home!

Despite Presley getting sick, at least we all got to see each other right before the holidays!

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