Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Santa came!  We woke up around 7:30 and waited in bed until Grandma, Grandpa, Honey and Pops got to the house to see Sophia. 


Sophia and I snuggling in bed


Santa ate his cookies and drank his milk


Sophia must have been a very good girl this year

Once everyone got there, Sophia and I came out.  I told her Santa came and she told me, “hungry!”  She walked past all of her gifts, went to the play room to get her chair, pulled it up to the coffee table and ate cinnamon buns for about 30 minutes.  Finally, after eating, she played with her kitchen for about 30 minutes.  She loved it.  Then we got her to start opening presents…



Loving on Minnie

After opening presents from Santa, we enjoyed biscuits and gravy with all of the family.  We tried to put Sophia down for a nap, but that didn’t really work out.  I laid her down and she immediately started calling out, “Mommy awake, play kitchen, no nap!”  and since it was Christmas we got up and let her play for a bit then headed to Zach’s grandmother’s for lunch.















Enjoying Pop’s rocking chair from when he was little.

After lunch at Great Grandma Nancy with Zach’s family we headed to Frisco to have Christmas dinner with my mom’s family.


Chris and Robin’s tree


sweet Abigail


Robin’s table decorated for dinner.  She made Caesar Salad, Prime Rib, Potatoes, Asparagus, Green Beans and bread and for dessert we ate Red Velvet Cake and cookies galore.  It was beyond yummy!!



After dinner we relaxed and enjoyed spending time with each other.  The kids (and Larry, Zach, and Chris) played on the Xbox Kinect and the girls listened to Sophia and Abigail sing us songs on the microphone. 

We had a very blessed Christmas and I hope you all did too.

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