Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Baking… Baking… and more Baking

Yesterday and today my mom and I spent the all day baking up a storm.   We also watched Jordan, which was great because he helped a lot with Sophia.  She just loves him so much! 

We made oatmeal cookies (my brother’s request,) chocolate chip cookies, pecan tasses (basically little pecan pies, or my mom’s favorite,) Gram’s Butter Cookies (basically butter and sugar,) Gram’s cinnamon buns, and finally Chex mix (Zach’s request.)   Later in the week we are going to make my Mammaw’s Red Velvet Cake from scratch!! 

It was great getting to spend time with my Mom especially since we didn’t have to work, we just got to relax and enjoy the days. 

Once we got everything all finished up, we made my brother a care package of all of his favorite goodies since he isn’t going to make it home for the holidays.


Old Fashioned Butter Cookies


stirring, stirring and stirring some more


using the cookie press to make Christmas Trees


Even Grandpa came over to help


some of the final cookies


All of our tins getting filled up for the final products… they were so yummy and my brother really enjoyed getting his Christmas cookies and treats in the mail.

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