Friday, June 10, 2011

It’s a…….


We are so thrilled that Baby #2 is a boy. 

We went to the doctor yesterday afternoon with Sophia, my mom, and Zach’s mom.  They were just thrilled to be seeing the sonogram.  The technician checked out every little part of the baby.  Everything checked out just perfect.  His, so exciting to say, heartbeat was 158 bpm.  After all little parts were checked it was time for the big reveal…. and it was definitely obvious the baby is a boy.  We all screamed, “YAY!!! IT’S A BOY!!!”

18 wks 1 day 318 wks 1 day 5

profile shot

18 wks 1 day 4

his little leg and foot

18 wks 1 day18 wks 1 day 2

                      boy parts                                      his little feet and boy parts

Sophia then said, “Oh no, Mommy, I wanted a gurl!!”  She was quite close to crying, but once we told her she could dress him and play with him, she was great!   Zach even has her calling the baby “Spiderman.”  I must say we are ALL very excited… Next step is picking out his name….. and of course getting his room ready.  I am excited about decorating for a boy.

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