Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My First Rangers Game

So we finally made it to Sophia’s first Rangers Game last night.   She was so excited.  She was such a little trooper.  She did lots of walking and playing.  She even got a new purple Rangers hat.


The view from our seats.  I must say our seats were perfect since we bought this package for $40 for a fundraiser.  We got 4 free tickets and 6 buy one get one free tickets.  So I imagine since she was sooo good we will be going again.


mmmm yummy pretzel


loving her new purple hat… the flowers show up in the sun… sooo cute


casting her All Star votes and spraying honey with water, two of her favorite things from the game.  She also really enjoyed the dot race and singing during the 7th inning stretch.


She was such a good girl.  She was great on the way home too…. and no she didn’t sleep the whole way home, she only fell asleep about 15 minutes before we got home.  I carried in and put her in bed.  I thought I would have to read, say prayers and sing our songs, but she just rolled right over and was out all night long.  She even slept in til 8:30!!!

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