Tuesday, December 9, 2008


We went back to the dr today to get checked out. Sophia's heartbeat is still right where it needs to be and everything checked out with me, except that I am still not dialated.... not even a sign that I have started to dialate. Dr. Herzog did not feel that I should get induced this week, to try and see if she will start to come on her own, plus there weren't any openings to schedule to induce me this week. Monday I go back at 4:30, his latest appt to have everything checked again, and the nurse is supposed to call and check to make sure they can get me on the books to induce on Tuesday December 16th. So keep Zach, Sophia and me in your thoughts and prayers that she will either decide to come early (so that I will not be miserably uncomfortable anymore) or at least they will be able to induce me on the 16th.

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Paige and Jon Erickson said...

You poor thing! I have been there...the waiting is so AWFUL. But, of course, it's worth it in the end...hang in there!