Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl

It is crazy that a year ago Zach and I hosted a Super Bowl party here at our house complete with friends, food, and adult beverages... loud yelling, music in the background, and people getting wild.
Well this year, we did not host a Super Bowl party, but we attended one at a friends house... it was complete with adults, friends, food, adult beverages, a 2 year old, a almost 2 month old, and one preggo friend. Not to mention crayons, coloring books, games of playing chase, rocking baby to sleep, and leaving during the game to feed the baby. I did get to see half time... I especially enjoyed Bruce's knee slide into the camera. We did not get nearly as crazy and wild as last year... not to mention I did not have any adult beverages. It is crazy how life changes. I loved every minute of it and I can not wait for more little ones to be added to our group. Here are a couple of pics from the party.
Emily, Laura and Melissa coloring on the floor.
Jeremy and Sophia... Jeremy was confused the Cowboys did not make it to the Super Bowl!
Me and Roxie, she is expecting Baby Bryson June 27th and finds out on Feb 13th if she is having a girl or a boy... I can't wait!!
Dustin and Sophia
Uncle Matt (Zach's brother) and Sophia

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The Amaro Twins said...

Yes, welcome to the other side. ;) It takes some getting use to. hehe

The boys want to meet Sophia!!! She is just so precious! Hopefully we can get together soon!