Monday, February 9, 2009

A busy busy weekend

Saturday morning Zach got up to go and play golf with Jeremy, Sophia and I hung out at the house, relaxed, baked a cake (a Yummy Butterfinger cake), and got ready for Great Grandma Nancy to come see Sophia... then dinner at Jeremy and Roxie's.
Snoozing before GGma Nancy came over.
GGma Nancy and Sophia

My B-day cake that Roxie got me!

Sophia changed into her PJ's and played on the magic changing pad. For some reason when she is on the changing pad or on her changing table at home, she is a very happy girl.

Napping while Jeremy and Zach watch TV and Roxie and I sit and plan for her nursery.

Jeremy and Roxie's dog, Cash, he was such a good little boy around Sophia... they both were snoozing!

Sunday morning heading out to church and then lunch for GGma Nancy's birthday.

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