Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekend at the Lake

This weekend we headed out to the lake on Friday afternoon for a Sip-N-See for Sophia to play with all the ladies from Brook Harbor (the neighborhood at the lake.) Jeremy and Roxie also came out to join us for the very relaxing weekend. We even arrived at the lake before Grandma and Grandpa, which is unusual. We had dinner at the local favorite, The Catfish Kitchen. Saturday morning we had the Sip-N-See, and later that afternoon we spent the day in our PJs laying in bed watching TV, talking about Baby Presley (due in June) and rubbing on Roxie's belly hoping to feel her kick. Saturday night we had a dinner with the neighbors, and I went to bed early, 10 pm!! Sunday morning was very relaxing, and spent in my PJs, and I had a great afternoon nap before heading home. Here are some snap shots from the weekend.

Grandpa (aka O Grand One) proving that he does know how to change a diaper... it only took him 2 months!!
At the Sip-N-See, Luanne (the host), me, Grandma, and Sophia

Roxie (and baby Presley in her belly) and me

I was very blessed to have gotten such wonderful gifts from such wonderful friends at the lake. I think Sophia is set for the next couple of months now.And more

I got this really cute box that will be great to keep Sophia's keepsakes in from her baby days!

Floor time with Daddy... she is really into the mirror. I love that you can see her face in the mirror.

Auntie Roxie and Sophia

So the story with this picture is that I was nursing Sophia and Roxie went to the fridge to get the most delicious Banana Pudding that our neighbor Pam at the lake made. She was nice enough to share with me, however I was unable to feed myself since I was nursing Sophia, so she was feeding me. We thought it was too funny so we grabbed a quick pic.

Uncle Jeremy playing with Sophia, preparing for his little girl due in June.

Auntie Roxie and Uncle Jer Bear getting in some practice.

And of course a little rest time with Grandpa. I also must say that we didn't get very many pictures of Sophia and Grandma, but the weekend would not have been so relaxing if it weren't for my mom, Grandma, who fed, changed, rocked, and played with my sweet little angel so I could catch up on some sleep today. Thank you mom, I love you.

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